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How Long do my Live Lobsters keep?
Your Lobsters are Delivered UPS Next Day Air. A general rule of thumb is that they will survive out of water in a chilled environment for up to 48 hours. They should be put on a baking sheet and covered with a damp towel in the fridge until it is time to cook! Do not put them into water, your bathtub, or any other vessel… they don’t like that one bit! Luckily you can schedule your lobster delivery in advance so they can go from box to pot on the same day.

How are my Live Lobsters packed?
The lobsters are packed in slotted insulated boxes with food-safe gel packs for safe, cool travel to their destination.

How is my seafood shipped?
We use UPS next day delivery for all our packages. Tracking information will be sent to the email provided when the packages are picked up in the afternoon by our trusted UPS drivers.

I ordered Lobster but I’ve never cooked it before please help!?
Lobster is easy to cook, but if you are looking for an even easier option, we do sell pre-cooked hand picked lobster meat so you can get your claws into that meat! We have cooking instructions here.